Dec 23, 2012 / 5 notes

Lazy Sunday: Taking you to Church!

Yesterday was the last Saturday before Christmas and I decided to pop down to good old Portobello Market scouting for interesting finds. To be honest I don’t visit Notting Hill that frequently but fancied a change of scenery. I am glad I popped down, I met this amazing New Designer and fell in love with her brand C O Y. I am all for supporting emerging designers and found her contemporary pieces to die for! Of course I had to buy something; so I purchased a necklace for myself and could not resist buying a mini leather backpack for Sienna. Although the backpack is for adults I managed to shorten the straps to fit snugly on her back. Teamed with her vintage Levi Jacket, ESP No.1 totally skinny jeans and feathered headband we brought a little bit of Notting Hill to Greenwich this Sunday!

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